Incubator — Layered farming (Unique Burning Mechanism)

Goose Finance
2 min readFeb 15, 2021

We have more news about the incubator that we are working on! We hope to launch it in 1–2 weeks.

Why we came up with this idea? It was because we saw people getting rug pulled every 2–3 days and it really made us lose faith in humanity. Therefore, we came up with this perpetual automated farm generator that gives high APY! Like my previous blog, we are giving you a way to APE SAFU perpetually.

What is layered farming?

We all know that Golden Egg has to solve the inflation problem like $CAKE, and we came up with this layered farming system.

Every 14 days, a new layer “Layer x Goose” token will be launched, and Goosers can ape-in to enjoy the high APY with a low Circulating supply token. (Initial minting is still needed to provide liquidity)

So what is it so special?

Goosers can stake Eggs (Genesis Layer) into the incubator in any layers to generate the corresponding “Layer x Goose” Token PERPETUALLY. The number of Eggs able to stake into the incubator WILL BE FIXED AS FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. Also, the Eggs WILL BE BURNED.

This fixed amount of staking ensures the benefits of Goosers who staked Eggs into the incubator, in other words, to prevent more people staking into the pool diluting the APY/Goose reward.

These layers will be on FOREVER, therefore, you can stay in the oldest layer to farm as long as there are profits.

The farms and nests will be similar to eggs, where you stake “Layer x Goose”-BUSD LP token to generate more “Layer x Goose”, or single token. Layered farming WILL NOT generate Eggs.

*Updated on 19/2

There will be Goose House where you will be able to stake the “Layer X Goose” to get ACTUAL TOKEN (Currently decided as BNB). This BNB will be purchased automatically through 75% of the 4% of transaction fee in the layered farms. This is to bring actual value to “Layer X Goose”

In conclusion

Goosers who wants to enjoy high APY plus gamble (like into new swap sites), can enter the Layered farming with SAFU environment.

Goosers who wants to enjoy lower APY but the stable price can hodl the eggs.

Layered farming will cause the eggs to be burnt, therefore pushing the price of eggs higher.