Goose Finance — Unique burning mechanism — THE INCUBATOR

Goose Finance
2 min readFeb 12, 2021

What we are trying to solve in this yield farming system is that the token inflation gives a disadvantage to latecomers, but Goose Finance is here to provide you the best platform to invest into!

Layered farming — INCUBATOR

We saw that there has been a lot of people searching for new farms to ape into but always scared that there are rugpulls & dumping. We came up with a new plan to launch new farms every 14 days for people to ape-in perpetually, at the same time, solve the inflation issue.

We are proposing a layered farming, THE INCUBATOR. If you saw the film inception, there are different layers of the world. We are creating layered farming.

One new layer token, Layer “X” Goose, will spawn every 14 days. There are two ways we might proceed.

  1. IDO will happen 1–3 days before the layer farming starts. The conversion of IDO is to bet set at 1:3(To be confirmed). All the pledged Layer 0 eggs will be burnt. The initial liquidity price of layers will be set at around 2x of the price of IDO.
  2. Pledge Layer 0 Egg into a nest that cannot unstake and generates Layer “X” Goose forever.

Omega Lottery Burning Mechanism

1) All farms have a 4% burning fee when you stake

2) 75% will be used to purchase Golden Egg and inject into the lottery pool

3) 20% of the lottery pool (burning fee + lottery ticket cost) will be burnt

We are working on additional burning mechanism which further reduces the circulation of the supply of tokens.

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