Goose Finance first month recap

Goose Finance
3 min readMar 19, 2021


A month feels like a year in crypto. Goose Finance was launched around one month ago, and we have been through so much this month. We tried our best to innovate in the BSC-space, and Goose Finance raised to the top #3 app on BSC. Firstly, we would like to thank all the goosers for the support. Secondly, we would like to highlight some achievements we have done in this month.

  • Removed Rugpull code
    This was one of our major improvements in the BSC chain, and we see a larger decrease in rug-pull projects as people can diff-check the contracts to spot out any malicious code. There have been 166 sites that forked Goose in 1 month compare to Pancake’s 124. Therefore we think Goose Finance is something people are interested in. There were even a few sites that promote themselves as the best Goose Fork.
  • Layered Farming
    Layered farming has created some turbulence for Goose Finance. As this is an innovative feature, the community will need to understand and learn the strategy. The main focus of Layered Farming is to burn eggs and provide a high-risk, high-reward farming place for Degens to participate. Layered Farming has already burnt over 80,000 eggs which were worth 4 million USD.
    I wouldn’t say layer 1 or 2 were a success, but layer 3 is closer to our optimal goal, which the focus should be on the Goose House. Furthermore, layer farming isn’t everything Goose Finance has got, it is only a feature to battle against the inflationary pressure.
  • Setting max price cap for exchange
    Our team also innovated on having a max price ceiling that overrides the slippage setting for the exchange to prevent the price fluctuation from affecting users.

Upcoming roadmap

After adjusting the layered farming a few times, we now move onto our next major item on our roadmap, IFO and Goose Vault.

  • IFO
    Our first IFO with will be held from 26/3 to 28/3. Typhoon enables private transactions on Binance Smart Chain. You can already use their site below.
    Typhoon’s Website:
  • Goose Vault
    We will release the Goose Vault a week or two after the IFO. We have the basic contract ready, but we are still reviewing it right now, as we were too busy polishing the layered farming and working on the IFO. To know more about the Goose Vault, please refer to this blog:
  • Layered farming sharding
    We are proposing a new GGX sharding system for our layered farming, in which goosers can input a batch of 10/100 GGX of any layer and reward you 70 of any other layer. The chance of getting a particular GGX layer will depend on the amount of GGX available on the dev address, which holds 9.09% of the circulating supply.
  • Algorithmic Coin
    We are creating an algorithmic coin that uses egg to farm, which should be interesting, but we are not disclosing the details too much until it is ready to launch.
  • AMM Exchange
    Although I talked about this on the AMA before that we are trying to steer away from AMA for a period of time, we might be wrong about the timing. We have discussed internally that we already have enough power and bullet to start paving our road to becoming an AMM at this point. We are not saying we can do it in a short time but not a long time as well. We are aiming to have our own AMM at the start of May.